Black Oxide

Black OxideMIL-C13924 C

Metal Finishing Technology offers black oxide. Black oxide is a conversion coating formed by a chemical reaction formed when parts are dipped into an alkaline salt solution. Black oxide does not effect the dimension of the part.

If rust or scale is present on the part, additional steps such as acid pickling or alkaline de-scaling may have to be added before oxiding. Further rinsing may be necessary on assemblies and parts with blind holes to disregard chemicals that sit inside the holes or to keep it from bleeding-out.

The after-finish will represent the final appearance and function of the part. After the part is Black Oxide it is recommended that wax, oil or acrylic is applied to the part, as black oxide without anything has very poor corrosion protection. With any of those options it is possible to achieve excellent indoor corrosion protection. Black oxides on steel are not appropriate for severe outdoor environments.

If a "dry-to-touch" finish is needed, it is important to specify either Oil spin dry or wax. When using oil you will generally see a glossy finish. When using a wax finish the part will be more of a non-glossy look.

We also offer Bluing & De-rusting.

Applications of black oxide coating

•    Automotive parts
•    Fasteners
•    Gauges
•    Hand tools
•    Machine and cutting tools
•    Machine parts (bearings, shafts, springs, etc.)
•    Medical tools and equipment
•    Military
•    Sports equipment
•    And much more!

Advantages to Black Oxide:
•    High Corrosion Resistance
•    Decorative / Cosmetic Appearance
•    Insulator / Nonconductive
•    Stain Resistance
•    Increased Durability / Scratch Resistance